post Book of Lenses 11/03/12

While getting my most recent game idea off the ground I have been reading the book "The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses" by Jesse Schell. I hve found it has been a great help while going through the idea creation and game design process. I wrote down a few thoughts on this.

Read it here.

post More Walking Dead 10/28/12

After skipping last week I have another blog up. I continued playing The Walking Dead, so here I am giving my opinion on episodes two and three of the series. To give a little hint I absolutely loved what they did with episode 3!

Read it here.

post File Re-Organization 10/13/12

Blog is up and ready to be read. I was inspired by another blog to compare and contrast two different ways to organize files on a computer.

Read it here.

post Of PS Mobile, Mono, and XNA 10/06/2012

To day I talked a little about the recently launched PlayStation Mobile service, to go along with Microsoft's XNA, and Mono with MonoGame.

Read it here.

post Welcome to My Blog 09/22/2012

Hello world,

As a single developer who is not in a position to do it full time having a consistent flow of stories and information to post on or any of its related social medias is difficult. In order to try and help remedy this situation, to increase my outreach, and awareness of myself I have decided to start posting a personal gaming blog dealing with current events in gaming or just a random opinion. These blog posts will be posted to a dedicated page on, as well as on my blog page on to try and increase my audience and draw more people back to this site. I am planning to make it a weekly blog with possibly other smaller stuff in between, but only the major weekly posting will go up on the Home page of

To go along with this blog I am planning on increasing my activity on Twitter, and Facebook. I am still unclear how this will happen completely, but one idea I have is to tweet about articles I have read from sites such as Gamasutra and give a thought about it.

All of this will be evolving as I go. As someone who isn't the most social, or active in the social media world it might be inconsistent at first. I am dedicated to, though, because it is important for my future success as a game developer.

You can go to my blog by following this link The Blog, or by cliking 'My Blog' under the new 'Links' section on the right side of this page.

post Forums, Rise from the Ashes 08/14/2012

Finally finding a new and better forums service, I have brought the forums back. The design and layout are now better in line with the rest of the site. Spam should be much less of an issue.

You can get to the Forums through the link on the nav bar, or by typing in into your browser.

post Grand Opening Sale!! 08/03/2012

Today is the official launch of the Dead Dodo Store, where you can buy apparel and other goodies. A few designs are up, I am planning on adding more soon.

The store is run through Cafe Press, so if you already have a Cafe Press account there is no need to create a new account. If you don't have a Cafe Press account, you don't have to ask yourself, "do I really trust this guy?" because you can trust Cafe Press.

For a limited time every item is marked down $5.

Dead Dodo Store

post Dots............... 07/29/2012

With the Kickstarter campaign finished, I was unsuccessful in reaching the goal of $5,000 to develope a full game. While dissappointed and sadened by this, I am not letting it derail me from my goals, and asperations. It is a setback, but not the end. Dots will be going on the backburner to hopefully be made at some point in time.

Going into the future I am going to focus my time on new projects. I have already started pre-production on my next idea. I will be announcing this game soon. Until that point in time I will be updating this website in order to improve it, and make it fit the theme of my next project better.

Thank you for your support on Dots, it is greatly appriciated. I hope to continue seeing your support for future titles.

post Hulk Smash! 07/8/2012

See the Hulks, the final edition of the enemy updates.

Read More Here

post Leaders: Rally the Troops 07/1/2012

Second to last enemy update is up for all to view.

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post Infantry: Basic Training 06/26/2012

The second update in the Enemies series is posted on Kickstarter!

Read More Here

post Grunts: Story of the Frontlines 06/25/2012

The first in a series of 4 updates has been posted. This one dealt with the enemy type Grunts.

Read More Here

post Lobster's List 06/20/2012

While to date not many have pledged any money, one person has not only pledged, but has gone above and beyond by including Dots in his Lobster's List series, episode #7. Lobster's List for Kickstarter is an attempt to be an aggregator of low-profile projects that often get buried deep down on Kickstarter.

You can go search for his video at YouTube, or you can just follow this link:


I have posted an update to the update section of the Dots Kickstarter project. It shows some images of the level layouts I have been working with to this point, and tries to give you a since of scale compared to the prototype.

If you want to read more about it you can go here and click on the Update tab.

post It's ALIVE!!!! 06/14/2012

As of 8:08 this morning my Kickstarter project is officially launched. If you haven't noticed the big banner at the top of this page, it is a link that goes to my project page.

We have 45 days to reach the $5000 mark, let's make this happen!

post Kickstarter Video 05/28/2012

This is the Kickstarter video. You can view it here, on my youtube channel, or real soon at kickstarter.

post How to Fund 05/21/2012

There are several ways to fund a game. You can fund it with your own money, which is fine if you have the money. You can ask someone else to fund it, but most of the time that means you’ll have to give up some kind of control over your project. There is also a third possibility: crowd sourcing. This is the route I have decided to take. I am doing mine through I chose this route simply because I don't have the money to fund my project on my own, and I'm not a fan of giving up creative control on my projects. This means the only people who have a stake in this game are people who care about it being a fun, quality game, and not people who only care about not being in the red this quarter. 

I am currently in the process of creating my Kickstarter pitch, and this site was the first step and investment towards this project. I don’t know exactly when I will be ready to start my Kickstarter campaign, but I know it will be fairly soon.


post Startup! 05/17/2012

Hello world!
This is broadcasting to the world.

This site is still a work in progress, I'm going to keep making improvements.

Chelsea Tibbett
Ian Kragh
Uber Dragon Studios
Aaron Abelard

Contact me directly at:

Or if you are having a techincal problem with the site or a download, or if you want to send feedback.